T@PP Fest Online

None of us are strangers to the Internet, are we?

We know Google like we know a close relative, don’t we? 

And since March 2020 we’ve become more familiar with Online Platforms than (possibly) ever before, haven’t we! 

So, in the spirit of all things screen based, welcome to TaPP Fest Online. 

68 performers and technicians, under the guidance of five guest artists, will work together to make performance experiences, using Zoom, Teams, Skype, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitch, TikTok, Snapchat, Bambuser, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Vlogs, Sways… or something else they haven’t encountered yet.   

As an audience you can expect to make decisions about the outcome of a story, you’ll meet characters who will try to hinder your success at solving clues, you’ll be invited to imagine the future by understanding the past, some of it will be about you, about us, about now. Some of it will be about not knowing and isolation, about walking, about disparate landscapes, about going, leaving, arriving and being. There’ll be moments that disturb as we try to work out our fate and you’ll be forgiven for forgetting that we can never truly believe everything we see online.

New Adelphi Theatre welcomes artists – Josh Cannon, Andrew Crofts, David Crowley, James Monaghan and Carran Waterfield, as they each make new work with Theatre and Technical Theatre students for TaPP Fest Online 2021.  

T@PP Fest Online is dedicated to the lasting memory of our friend and graduate Liam Byrne. Liam graduated from Salford in 2015 with a first class honours degree in Contemporary Performance. Through the generosity of Liam’s family, the In Memory of Liam Byrne: A Maker of Extraordinary Things award marks the ambitious work Liam used to make. Students are eligible to apply for the award to support their growing practice.

T@PP Fest Online Performances

Attempts on Our Lives – Wednesday 20th January, 7pm. YOUTUBE LIVE

Shoot Me! – Thursday 21st January, 7pm. ZOOM

0161 Gone – Friday 22nd January, 7pm. ZOOM (*SOLD OUT*)

Just Walk – Saturday 23rd January, 2pm. ZOOM

Alpha Testing – Saturday 23rd January, 7pm. YOUTUBE LIVE


Please note all shows in T@PP Fest Online are suitable for ages 16-18+. We do not advise any one under this age to purchase a ticket.

As always, your generosity and support through buying tickets and engaging with our student work astounds us. We’re delighted to be supporting the charity 500 Acts of Kindness this year, with all funds raised through ticket sales going to the charity who support families or organisations in need. 

Former Coronation Street actor and Take Back Theatre Co-Founder Julie Hesmondhalgh co-founded the organisation in 2019; since then it has raised over £80,000, and continues to go strong.

It is a simple idea:  the 500 members of the fundraising group each donate £1 a week to raise £500 for those in need. Once they have donated, they are then able to nominate a family, individual, charity, or organisation to receive £500 that week. We are now over a thousand strong, with some members donating more than £1 a week.

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