Just Walk

Working with the simple yet complex notion of walking, company Life2Stage will be providing online immersive experiences regarding the cast’s personal stories from past to present.

In response to the severe constraints of separation due to 2020’s COVID pandemic, our isolated artists have been forced to spend time lost in contemplation and personal exploration. Venture through the city, or stroll through the countryside, as these disparate stories will be told through a range of artistic mediums including singing, poetry, narration and dancing, all whilst on a walk.

Our artists will be exploring their inner monologues, thoughts and personal history leading to a cathartic experience through going, being, arriving and leaving. The performances and the topics explored range from family, photography, LGBTQ+, self-discovery, film and fantasy.

Derived from and inspired by Carran Waterfield’s ‘Follow the Stone’, we give reflective and autobiographical stories told via different routes and journeys.

The show is followed by a live Q and A.

Warning: Suitable for ages 16+. Contains themes of death, loss, abuse and trauma.


This show will be taking place on Zoom. On the day of the show you will be emailed an exclusive link to the room where the show will commence and be followed by a live Q and A.

Please remember to book with the same name and email as you will be using on Zoom.

If you are using a different name and email address, you may be turned away as we cannot authenticate you as a patron.

Admission: Pay What You Can.

Pay What You Can is an ‘honesty box’ for the theatre. We and the artists will continue to programme and produce high quality events and ask you to pay what you can afford.

As always, your generosity and support through buying tickets and engaging with our student work astounds us. We’re delighted to be supporting the charity 500 Acts of Kindness this year, with all funds raised through ticket sales going to the charity who support families or organisations in need. Former Coronation Street actor and Take Back Theatre Co-Founder Julie Hesmondhalgh co-founded the organisation in 2019; since then it has raised over £80,000, and continues to go strong.

As a guide, for those in full time employment we would appreciate you paying between £5 and £10. We also understand people’s income can be precarious, hence the free and lower price options. 

Please note that all tickets come with a Fatsoma booking fee of 50p.

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