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Back the future faces of comedy on their journey to the Edinburgh Fringe

SalFUNNI are returning to the Fringe with a fresh array of comedic talent! This will be the 3rd cohort of aspiring comedians from the UK University with the longest running full-time comedy degree to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.

We have been lucky enough to have secured 3/4 of our Edinburgh adventure fund from the university, and so to complete the last leg, we thought we would ask our adoring fans for support!

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About SalFUNNI

SalFUNNI 2022 is made up of 9 funny stand-ups, who will present an hour-long mixed bill to showcase their talents as the future faces of British comedy. From wordplay to whimsical, from dad to punk, there really is something for everyone to feast on at this comedy buffet.

We’ve got comic talent on the menu so fresh; you could brush your teeth with them – check us out here.

Why we need your support

Taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is notoriously an expensive endeavour, fraught with financial risk, with acts usually going up to the city with solo shows, desperate to be a festival and critic hit. With SalFUNNI, the cohort get to experience the thrills of the festival, and the journey of marketing, producing and performing a show without breaking the bank and with a solid support system from the University of Salford.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival gives such rich opportunities to budding comics and it is truly amazing that nine students will experience this adventure, thanks to your support. 

To be able to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe at such an early point in our comedy careers is endlessly beneficial to our growth and development as comics. By supporting the SalFUNNI 2022 cohort, you will be uplifting us to kick-start our performance careers and invest in the future of comedy – we promise to do you proud up there!

You may be wondering – “Where’s my slice of the pie at this comedy buffet?” Well, potential supporter, there are some fantastic rewards up for grabs to say thanks for your generosity.


Our SalFUNNI Team have come up with some exciting rewards for those superstars who support our adventure. Check them out under each ticket option.

Thank you

SalFUNNI would like to thank every person who has helped to support or spread the news of this adventure. Please continue to share our project far and wide with anyone with a funny bone who you think will want to support us – via Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Mars Rover, carrier pigeon, blimp!

You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SalFUNNI to find out more about our Edinburgh adventure.

Want a slice of the action? Please come and watch our show at Hollywood, City Café (EH1 1QR), 7:05pm from the 4th to the 14th of August 2022, as part of the Free Festival!

Please note:

*Select ‘Buy Tickets’ to support SalFUNNI (please note, this is not an actual ticket to an actual show, this is a pledge of support only). You will receive an automated booking confirmation from us which will state Monday 13 June, 6pm as the event date. Please disregard this. It just means the support submission closes on Monday 13 June at 6pm, there is no live event on that day. SalFUNNI do have a gig at the Frog and Bucket on Tuesday 17 May at 7:30pm though – which is free to attend!

Booking fees apply on all donations.

The booking fee means that 100% of your donation will go to the SalFUNNI project. If the project does not go ahead in 2022 for any reason, you can request a refund. Any monies not refunded will automatically rollover to the SalFUNNI 2023 Project.

If you wish to donate another amount, please select multiple ‘ticket’ options. I.e. 3 x £5 = £15 worth of support.


All rewards are optional, please select “No” in the questions section at the checkout if you wish to opt out of receiving a reward(s).

Supporter Shout-out – in the questions section at the checkout, you will need to write your Instagram handle. If you do not want it to be used, we will use your first name instead. Supporter Shout-outs will be posted weekly to the @SalFUNNI Instagram Stories.

Digital Postcard – in the questions section at the checkout, you will need to give us permission to contact you via email. The digital postcard will be emailed during/after the Edinburgh Fringe adventure.

Supporter Scream-out – in the questions section at the checkout, you will need to write your Instagram handle so we can tag you in the video online. If you do not want it to be used, we will use your first name instead. All Supporter Scream-outs will be posted to the @SalFUNNI Instagram after the Edinburgh Fringe adventure.

Original Joke Performance – in the questions section at the checkout, you will need to give us permission to contact you via email so that we can receive your joke. The SalFUNNI team reserve the right to not perform a joke if it is deemed to be inappropriate.


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