Youth Without God

By Mathew Alty, Marion Caillaud, Mitchell Dowley, Evan Dunn, Jordan Horner, Patrick Kennedy, Megan Loughran, Sophie Mattis, Katie Scott, Courtney Sirignano Smith, Robyn Smethills, Lucy Talbot, Raquel Teixeira and Luke Whelan

You can’t trust these boys an inch – some days you think they’re just children, but they’re not. They’re capable of anything.

In an unnamed country, at an unspecified time, a teacher is reported to the authorities for telling a pupil not to use racist language. In these times of divisive politics, empathy sounds a lot like weakness – or worse, sabotage. A fight is coming, and the children must be ready.

But as suspicion leads to violence, the children turn against each other – with terrible consequences.

The war, it turns out, is already here.

Written before the outbreak of World War Two, the acclaimed Austro-Hungarian writer Ödön von Hováth’s 1937 novella is a prophetic warning against an age of brutalising rhetoric that divides communities.

Directed by guest director Tommo Fowler, this original adaptation deconstructs the original text and reshapes it for a modern audience, moving between realism and storytelling to explore the impact of harmful narratives we hear again and again.

Admission: £4

Warning: Ages 18+. Contains racist language, swearing, sexual language, homophobia, violent language, haze, flashing lights, emotional triggers.

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Part of TaPP Fest. In memory of Liam Byrne: maker of extraordinary things.

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