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Hawk Dance Theatre (HDT) is an award-winning Manchester based contemporary dance company, led by choreographer Josh Hawkins. For this project, Hawk Dance Theatre will work collaboratively with three artists to create a new and exciting dance work for University of Salford Students. The artists include Josh Hawkins, Helen Le Roux and Josh Wild.

By opening new doors and possibilities, HDT takes responsibility for reaching out and connecting with people both within and outside of their communities – triggering and enabling them to change their perspective of themselves and others through dance and movement. Since launching in 2015, Hawk Dance Theatre have built a strong reputation for creating visually dynamic and powerful productions – theatres, outdoors and digitally, and offering exceptional workshop engagement opportunities.

Throughout this process, students can expect to be immersed in a non-hierarchical creative process where ideas and tasks will generate movement material as well as being taught new repertoire. Hawk Dance Theatre will use the three artists movement style that fuses contemporary dance styles with other styles.

Matrafisc Dance was established in 2015 in Manchester, UK. Born by the artistic collaboration between Manchester-based Italian choreographers Antonello Apicella and Ina Colizza, this Company was created by the two artists’ shared desire to research and express their artistic and training differences in a new choreographic language.

Ina and Antonello’s desire is to enable artists and audiences to grow. For this, the company creates an exciting and unique repertoire underpinning the Company’s goal to be a forerunner of innovation, presentation, and development of contemporary dance, both in the UK and abroad.

For this project, Matrafisc is analysing the concept of the “Unexpected” as an inherent part of life and how our response to it can vary greatly. While we cannot control everything, we can develop resilience, adaptability, and risk management strategies to better navigate the unpredictable nature of our world. The unexpected can encompass a wide range of experiences, from pleasant surprises to unfortunate accidents.

To develop the students’ project, Matrafisc will encourage them to engage in free-form improvisation sessions, where they respond to different music styles, emotions, or prompts without a predetermined plan. They will also stimulate dancers to create choreography collaboratively, where each dancer contributes movements or ideas spontaneously.

By bringing the concept of the unexpected into dance training, Matrafisc artists want to enhance a student’s creativity, adaptability, and overall performance.

Please note: patrons are recommended to arrive at 7pm, as the following performances will take place before the main show.

PRESHOW PIECES (7pm – 7:30pm)

We move, we play

This debut work from Coalesce Youth Dance explores how play can expand our connection to each other, ourselves and our experience of joy and moving. The work encapsulates the vibrant personalities of each dancer, and generates an uplifting and impactful experience for the speculator. Join us as we shift, explore and shape this shared playground! Coalesce are delighted to be unveiling this brand need wave of young local talent.


Crossings is a dance performance that explores the themes of arrival and belonging through the personal and collective journeys of eight MA dancers from different countries, cultures, languages, and movement backgrounds. The performance takes the audience on a journey through the New Adelphi building, where the dancers share their stories in a series of solos and group choreographic vignettes. The performance reflects the diversity and unity of the dancers, who have developed the choreography in response to creative and performative explorations offered by lecturers and industry guests.

MAIN SHOW PIECES (7:30pm – 8:50pm)


Made in collaboration with Hawk Dance Theatre and second and third-year Dance at Salford students

MIRAGE explores illusions and questions our realities, as a group, and as an individual. An optical phenomenon where bodies appear displaced above, below, or to the side of their true positions. Choreographed by Josh Hawkins, Josh Wild and Helen Le Roux, this dynamic and hypnotic performance has been created specifically with BA students at the University of Salford.

Run, Don’t Walk

Run, Don’t Walk is a result of first-year Students working with Lisa Cullen in the Performance Workshop module. As a starting point, the students were given symbols with the instructions of writing a line for each of those symbols. None could be the same. These were then interpreted into rhythm and movement phrases that became the initial choreographic vocabulary.

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