The Miser

By Sabine Sulmeistere, Eleanor Dare, Alaw Jones, Alice Parrott, Diarmaid McDonagh Green, Finn McDonald, Helen Varey, Imogen Kite, Jessica Kokocinska, Kate Oldfield, Katie Buckley, Levi Samuels-Timperley, Melissa Leigh Mercer and Michelle Green.

Money, money, money. It’s his rich man’s world…

A comic parody inspired by the characters of commedia dell’arte, in which the servants work tirelessly for the miserly Harpagon. The Miser is insanely paranoid, possessive and protective of everything in his sight, above all his wealth. This twist on Molieres’ classic play is farcical, hilarious and terrifying.

Admission: £4

Warning: 14+.

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Part of TaPP Fest. In memory of Liam Byrne: maker of extraordinary things.

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