The Band – Levantes Dance

Sandy and Bruno met in the seventies to form a band.

She was fame hungry; he was doomed to follow her to the ends of the earth. A one-hit wonder, they’re now washed up, cruelly forgotten. For one night only, they are dusting off their old costumes and preparing for one last gig. Is this their last chance of fame? What will the audience decide?

‘The Band’ is a quirky and humourous production with striking visuals and a rousing soundtrack from Levantes Dance Theatre, a company which blends circus, dance and theatre with vibrant aesthetics. Working in collaboration with Ockham Razor’s Tina Koch, the performers are Levantes’ artistic director and designer Eleni Edipidi and Nathan Johnston who each bring their unique physicality to the show.

Admission: £12 / £8 / £5

Warnings: Ages 5+.  ¦  Facebook  ¦  Twitter  ¦  Instagram

Click here for more information on accessibility and directions to the New Adelphi Building.


New Adelphi University Rd
Salford M5 4BR