Schrödinger – 11th November

‘ 60 minutes of darkly comic, sensory, experimental theatre, physically demanding for the guinea-pig players, mentally taxing and visually stimulating for the audience.’ – Yorkshire Evening Post

‘You might, like me, be thinking about it for days afterwards.’ – The Times

The physicist Schrödinger found out that light particles are in different states of being at the same time. Only when an observation is made do particles collapse into just one state. The cat in the box illustrates this paradox: a cat is placed in a box with an unopened bottle of poison gas. Whether or not the bottle opens – and the cat is poisoned – depends on whether a radioactive atom decays which will trigger the poison to be released.

According to the principles of quantum theory, until the box is opened the atom is both ‘decayed’ and ‘not decayed’ at the same time. So the cat must be both dead and alive at the same time.

Reckless Sleepers create original theatre pieces installation projects and interventions for theatres, galleries, museums, site and seasonally specific projects that both entertain and challenge its audiences, viewers and participants.

Reckless Sleepers produce works from a basis of research and development; where ideas are central, projects are installed rather than presented, mistakes are embraced, ideas are given a chance, and a second chance, and pushed so that they become uncomfortable to do, uncomfortable to listen to and uncomfortable to watch.

The company take almost 18 months to deliver a project from initial idea through to premiere presentation, once produced a piece of work will still go through a process of change and reworking. Projects remain in repertoire until they become unworkable. The company invest in research phases for all new ideas, out of these phases new projects emerge, sometimes they are theatre pieces, sometimes not.

Click here for Reckless Sleeper’s book: Trial: A Study of the Devising Process in Reckless Sleepers’ Schrodinger’s Box ¦ #recklesssleepers ¦ @recklesssleepers ¦   Twitter

WARNINGS: Suitable for ages 16+. 

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