Hiya Anxiety / This Is Not For You (PS. sorry)

A fantastic double bill of theatre, hosted at the Lowry’s Aldridge Studio.


Five years on, Mum is still here but her memory is not. I am still the worst ‘carer’ ever, blundering my way through my Mum’s epic divorce, three house moves, one dog, epic loneliness, falls, wrong medication and my own self-care stretched to beyond its limits. ‘Hiya Anxiety’ is a revisit and you are invited to come see what mess we are in now: a mother who can’t remember this morning and a daughter who wishes she couldn’t.

“Debs Gatenby’s one-woman show is a laugh out loud funny and poignant look at how mental illness affected her.  And her mum.”

“From the moment Debs takes to the stage you know you’re in the company of someone who’s able to bare all in a warm, funny and self-deprecating way.”

An anniversary performance of ‘Hi, Anxiety’. Created by Debs Gatenby, co-directed by Ashley Knowles and Mark Whitelaw.

Warnings: Ages 18+. Contains strong language and themes of mental illness.

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By Georgia-Louise Campbell, Charlotte Carroll, Kelsie Lea Collier, Natalie Deakin, Amber Hopkins, Rodolfo Fernandes, Shyla Toulalan, Ellen Bond, Grace Bastyan, Leah Hayward, James Henderson, Abbie Sheriff, Will Main and Sarah Johnson

‘This is not for you (ps. sorry)’ is a curtain raiser by second year Theatre and Performance students at the University of Salford. The work is part-scripted, part-spontaneous and part misremembered. ‘This is not for you (ps. sorry)’ is a new show that explores memory, memory loss, identity and what it means to be present in your life.

Warnings: Ages 18+. Contains strong language, emotional triggers and themes of mental illness.

Admission: £12 / £10

Part of TaPP Fest. In memory of Liam Byrne: maker of extraordinary things.


The Lowry Pier 8
The Quays
Salford M50 3AZ