Join us for the last ever showing of the critically acclaimed Concerto, created by award-winning theatre-maker Michael Pinchbeck, featuring world-renowned concert pianist Nicholas McCarthy.

“Michael Pinchbeck is a terrific theatre maker.” – The Guardian

“Stunning.” – Audience Feedback

A unique musical experience inspired by Ravel’s Piano Concerto for the Left Hand, created by award-winning theatre-maker Michael Pinchbeck.

Infamous pianist Paul Wittgenstein commissioned Ravel to write him a concerto after he lost his right arm during the First World War. At the same moment in time, the assassin that triggered that conflict, Gavrilo Princip, was kept in shackles in prison in Terezin, his withered arm tied up with piano wire, fading away into the snow. Unravelling narratives such as these surround this piece of music’s composition – and together they weave a true story that spans 100 years of history.

Concerto is a deconstructed and re-orchestrated exploration of the legacy of war and the healing power of music to overcome personal tragedy.

Musical manuscript will fall from the sky like snow on a battlefield. Doctors will persuade shell-shocked soldiers to play again. A conductor will become an assassin. An audience will become an orchestra. And a pianist will play.

Tutti, one, two, three, four…

From 7pm on November 1st, an ‘overture’ to Concerto will be created by students from the Contemporary Performance Practice MA, who have been working with Michael Pinchbeck. These small scale performance interventions and activities will occupy the foyer area of the New Adelphi Building, forming a response to and curtain raiser for the main performance.

Admission: £10 / £8 / £5

Warning: Ages 12+. Themes of suicide, war and conflict. Use gunfire and shelling sound effects.

Concerto was commissioned by Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Attenborough Arts Centre and Nottingham Lakeside Arts. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England through the National Lottery.  ¦

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